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Using modern machinery and quality control system, we have established a warehouse for packing in farms and gardens of fruits and vegetables.


We are in the production and distribution of some of our products in the domestic markets and European countries unmatched among our competitors.

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Ana Fruit Trading Company

Ana Fruit Trading Company has become a recognized and reputable name in the target countries by supplying the highest quality fruits of Iran to reputable international export markets. After being harvested, the exported fruits are purged at the company-equipped workshops, followed by sorting and packaging operations on the desired fruits. The use of the latest technologies in the packaging, including controlled atmosphere, nano-technology in plastic packaging, vacuum and a variety of organic preservative coatings keep the product fresh and high quality to its destination and end-consumer use of real fruit flavor. It has become Iranian.

The company also uses the most well-equipped ground containers and … equipped with cooling and humidity control, humidity and air circulation systems to transport fruits and vegetables. The shipment and storage conditions of each product are calculated and adjusted separately depending on the route length and weather conditions. AnnaFruit products are now being exported to export destinations such as the Persian Gulf, India, Pakistan, Russia … and European countries.

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AnnaFruit Company has made its exclusive brand in the target countries by introducing Iran’s highest quality horticultural products to international export markets.
After exporting from the orchards, the exported fruits of the company are washed and purged if necessary and then sorted and packaged.

محصولات آنا فروت
From national media camera lenses

Accompany Mr. Amin's exemplary gardener

Video report of the gardener by Amin Rahmani from national media

Kiwi is cultivated in all Guilan counties, but Talesh pioneered two thousand eight hundred hectares in more than fifteen provinces with more than half of the province’s kiwi gardens.

Mr. Rahmani’s report also highlights new horticultural knowledge, timing and principles of harvesting, instructions on how to transport, transport and store in the refrigerator after harvesting this delicious fruit.

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After exporting from the orchards, Ana fruit export products are handled, washed and pestled in the company’s equipped workshops and then shipped to packaging and sorting stages.

  • Many factors, such as sufficient light, water, soil, fertilizer, etc., play an important role in the product’s arrival
  • Kiwi fruit reaches full growth in late summer and needs time to complete its sugar
  • Autumn is usually a good time to harvest kiwi fruit from northern Iranian gardens
  • Washing the fruit in addition to sprinkling it removes a lot of dust pollen and pathogens

Agricultural crop sorting is done both manually and by machine. We employ skilled staff and about one hundred fifty specialized staff to crop health.

  • The main objective of separation and facial size and quality is to achieve a uniform product
  • Citrus sorting reduces waste caused by bulk transport of citrus fruits

Using a team of scientists and experts to monitor and track the quality of packaged products and the cleanliness of the warehouse in accordance with international standards, the complex has made great strides in satisfying applicants.

  • In fact, in addition to preserving and protecting the environment from environmental factors, packaging of goods is a bridge between the buyer and the product in question.
  • Product packaging plays a very important role in customer decision-making at the time of purchase and is a means of identifying the product to the customer.

Storing fruit in the fridge will cause the market to fail during the months when the fruit consumption is high and the harvest season is not specific, and the price bubble will not be created. In cold storage, controlling temperature and humidity, as well as proper air conditioning, prevents the growth of fungi and other microorganisms in fruits and vegetables.

  • Fruit name Storage temperature (° C) relative humidity (%) Shelf life (days) considerations
    Kiwi -0.5 90-95 90-120 Ethylene sensitive and decay
    pear 0To 1 90 120-180

Using more than thirty hundred of its products and experienced staff in the field of planting, harvesting, harvesting and storage, the company is ready to cooperate in exporting fruits and vegetables to various countries around the world.

  • We provide a wide range of products and services for domestic and foreign markets, and we have always strived to keep up with new practices and standards in this field.

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One of the good features of Ana fruit is the variety of products throughout the seasons that create good business opportunities.

  • Alexander Chekhov
  • Agricultural trader

It was very important for me to adhere to the timely delivery, and I had the experience with Anna Frout, may God help us in the future.

  • Mojireddin Mubarak
  • Agricultural merchant

It was my ideal packaging and most importantly the quality of the fruit that I am definitely satisfied with and God bless you.

  • Rasoul Najafizadeh Mirabi
  • Agricultural trader

Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of service, support, prices and discounts and this is why I have been able to introduce Mr. Rahmani to others.

  • Mohammad Ivan Oev
  • Agricultural merchant
Alexander Chekhov
Mojireddin Mubarak
Rasoul Najafizadeh Mirabi
Mohammad Ivan Oev
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