Ghora is an unripe grape fruit that has a pickle taste. Ghora contains organic acids such as malic acid, formic acid, succinic acid, oxalic acid, glucolic acid and sugar.

Ghora is very useful for people with blood lipids and also disinfect the body. It is also useful for lean, if it tastes with salads.

Never eat Ghor with an empty stomach, as it will have an adverse effect on your stomach. Pregnant women also refrain from eating too much Ghora, as Ghora is diuretic and may cause miscarriage.

Health benefits of Ghora:

Ghora is cold and astringent in ancient Iranian medicine. It is effective in the treatment of oral mucosal edema and gum tenderness. Ghor juice is useful for treating obesity. 3. Ascorbic disease caused by vitamin C deficiency in the body is treated with Ghor juice. Ghor juice, because it contains potassium tartrate, is very useful for the treatment of sciatica and acute rheumatism. It is effective in preventing jaundice. 3. Drinking Ghora water will prevent girls’ puberty and open the rule. It removes heat and bile from the body and disinfects the intestines. Beetroot is a liver booster. 4 – To drain the throat swelling, drain the cavity water. To exfoliate the intestinal worm and to strengthen the stomach, you need to consume ashes for five days with black cumin. Of course you should avoid eating heavy foods during this time. Ghora water treats leg pain and low back pain. Treatment can be taken for ten days. Of course, he avoided eating heavy foods during this time. 3. Pickled Ghora is also useful for treating rheumatism and sciatica.

Verjuice water

We clean the caves, we take them out and wash them. Then pour them into the juice maker and bring them to a boil. Alternatively, the caverns can be poured into the blender and then the crushed caverns, which have skin and nuclei, are poured into a cleaner or filter and completely filtered. The type of cave used is not very important for the preparation of cave water, but it is better if the cassava type is used. It is important to note that some varieties are more sour than others. If the amount of water obtained in the cave is not as desired, it can be boiled for a few minutes to make it slightly thicker and more sour. By doing so, shelf life will be increased. Pour the water into the desired bottle and close the lid completely so that the air does not penetrate. If you want to keep it for a long time, make a paste of water and flour mix and cover the door with dough. We can also fully seal the bottle lid with very tight adhesives.

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