Ana Fruit

Amin Rahmani Hare Dasht MA in Kiwi Horticulture I started in 2005 and decided to market it in domestic and foreign markets due to market demand and direct supply of my products, thus creating employment in two directions: Direct employment for households and production agents in the region, especially in rural areas, the latter being indirect employment in the field of harvesting, sourcing and packaging of retail greens and eventually exporting to foreign countries, which leads to the imposition of sanctions when exporting goods. Do you take currency policies in a positive direction in the face of growth problems and Sanctions are imposed. Anna Fruet has 13 years of gardening experience and 10 years of business development goals to support global economy and economic growth, create jobs and create value added and customer satisfaction and product quality, convenience in Quickly deliver and deliver products to customers, protect the environment by using degradable packaging and organic fertilizers, authentic branding in the face of global creditworthiness and trust, even in the face of market turmoil.

. Director and Founder