Zucchini is a year-old, creeping plant whose leaves are heart-shaped, broad-lipped and finely crested. The flowers are yellow and the male and female flowers are on a pedestal. Its root is long and bitter, slightly sweet and boiling. Pumpkin Family The members of this family have a long, stalking stem and include squash and squash. Summer varieties have premature fruit with soft skin, but winter varieties have ripe fruit with stiff shell. The herbs in this family contain alpha and beta carotene that give it color.

They also contain vitamins C and E. Pumpkin: There is a pigment called lycopene in this type of pumpkin. Its seeds are a rich source of iron, zinc and selenium, which is essential for male fertility. The pumpkin was first planted in Mexico about five years BC and was one of the ornamental plants. Corn and beans were then planted by Latin American people and used as staple food. Over time, the science of agriculture was improved by using genetics, the seeds of pumpkin were modified. The modified seed was then harvested for mass production.

Zucchini is one of the most attractive food products for raw food. The Maya people used pumpkin and pumpkin seeds to treat many diseases, especially in the preparation of various foods. For the first time in many centuries, Christopher Columbus reported for the first time in his voyage that he had gourd planting. Then, six years later, Caspar Spinoza reported on a trip to Panama from a pumpkin plantation in that country, calling it a watermelon Indo, which was very tasty and used to treat many diseases. The pumpkin seed was brought to Europe by him, and the plant began to grow for the first time in Europe. They sow pumpkin seeds in early June and then harvest in September. The average weight of each pumpkin is 5 kg, with an average of 1–5 g of pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin Nutrients contain a small amount of calories (1 calorie of energy per 1 g) and are suitable for those who control their weight.

It is also a rich source of potassium and is useful for people with hypertension but is not suitable for people with kidney problems. It is also good for iron and magnesium absorption

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